Interview Advice

Andrew Groves, Head of Talent Acquisition at NTT DATA offers advice on how to excel at an interview.

Getting your approach to an interview right is crucial in landing the job you want. Just turning up and trying your best will often end in disappointment.

It’s imperative that you get your research done, as all too often,  many people go no further than finding out information such as when the company was founded or where the head office is located, rather than what the company does and what services/products it offers. Who are its customers? What are the company values and how do they offer value to their customers?

The interview is about what you can bring to the company, but also about what it can do to help build your career, so ask questions and find out as much information as you can, but also make sure you have some good credible examples to share with the interviewer, examples where you can go into detail to show what you have achieved and how you have delivered. A hastily constructed example or using an example where  you only played a small part can easily be pulled apart by a skilled interviewer. Past performance is a strong indicator of future success, so being able to present examples of where you have added significant value is crucial.

If you are asked to do a presentation, think about the format that you are going to use. Is a standard set of PowerPoint slides going to excite your interviewer? How about using some modern technology to make it more interesting, such as handing the interviewer your iPad and working from your iPhone so that the two are synced or use  a whiteboard or  series of post-it notes, to make your presentation interactive and engaging.

The interview is your chance to showcase yourself, so make sure you don’t leave it to chance.

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