Application Tips
Application Tips

When it comes to interviews, strong candidates are often confident of getting the outcome they want, but at times their CV does not get them the interview they may deserve. 

Here a few tips to help you make the most of you:

  • How do we contact you - It may seem obvious, but ensure you enter your contact number and email address into the online application form. There is no need to list this information or your full address on your CV.  In today’s climate of data collection it is important to look after your personal data.
  • Make an impact – Your ‘Profile’ is the start of your sales pitch.  Think about the role you are applying for and include your own USPs such as product/sector expertise and role-specific qualifications and, if you are applying for a sales based role consider the revenue that you have  generated. Format is also crucial here, so ensure that your most recent role follows directly under the profile and that your career history is then detailed in reverse-chronological order.
  • Quantify your achievements – A good CV always includes plenty of clear outcomes and achievements. The recruiting manager will want to be able to easily pick out the key elements of your CV in relation to the role you have applied for.
  • Include your LinkedIn profile URL – This enables employers to see any recommendations and view the groups you are interested in. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you need to be.  People are getting new jobs, sharing ideas & content and doing business via LinkedIn every day.
  • People buy from people - Successful people are often personable, driven and competitive.  It is harder to get these qualities to shine through on paper than it is face-to-face, so make sure you take every opportunity to ensure that they come across in your CV. Your ‘Personal Interests’ section is an opportunity to sell your personality so include any interesting facts about yourself as well as any sporting achievements or examples of entrepreneurialism. What makes you stand out?